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Click and “Horror”


   The retail industry, as we know it, is changing. As peoples lives become increasingly consumed by web and mobile applications it is only natural that avenues of e-commerce such as ‘click & mortar’ retail gain in popularity among web users. The problem here is that the ‘convenience factor’ that this stream of retail creates can, in most cases, be more of an inconvenience and create more problems for the consumer. Factors such as shipping costs, wait times, the inability to try it on, hassle of sending it back, payment securities, damages and of course no cash options, should act as a huge deterrent and why one should think twice before buying online.

The clothing industry, in particular, has its own challenges, a customer loses the ability to see and feel certain details and fabrics a garment may or may not provide. Also, sizes run very different from brand to brand and sometimes even within the brands themselves sizes can differ. Remember, many pictures online are enhanced to the fullest in order to maximize potential sales, so don’t be fooled by typical online sales tactics.

  I include myself in this group of very unhappy online shoppers. This past Christmas my wife found a pair of shoes she loved and unfortunately due to her small stature could not find a pair in her size in nearby shops. So instead of driving a little further out to purchase them I decided to surprise her and order them online. HUGE MISTAKE!! The online shop did have the product and was willing to ship to Canada before Christmas. The cost of the shoes at the mall were $59.99, once shipping and duties were paid, MY total cost for the shoes were $119.75. The item did eventually arrive, however it was 4 days late! When it did arrive the shoes had a noticeable scuff on the leather that could not be removed, and on top of that, because the sizes of this shoe run small, they did not fit! No problem, I’ll just exchange them right? WRONG. Popular e-commerce sites such as this one and most others, do not do normal exchanges, you have to repurchase the item in the correct size and return your purchased item for money back, minus, of course, your shipping and a restocking fee. Another problem that arises many of the time is that by the time you realize you need a different size it may be unavailable or sold out, leaving you with wasted costs! SO my total credit returned on a pair of $119.75 shoes was now $51.80.  My wife’s shoes which cost $59.99 at the mall, now cost me a grand total of $187.70, along with much of my time and patience. Let me also mention that the replacement pair has still yet to arrive, so this lovely experience may possess yet another chapter and alternate ending!! This is what many online shoppers have to deal with on a daily basis.  AVOID THESE HEADACHES….SHOP AT YOUR LOCAL RETAILER.

-Paul Greco



With only two weeks to go before Christmas, if you haven’t been nice, you may consider doing so or Santa just might leave you off his list…

Only those that have been on their best behavior may find the most coveted gifts under the Christmas tree this year…

A Jacket by Parajumpers Masterpiece Series, Make no Mistake this coat collection reigns supreme over the other coat brands out there and the following is why:


– Parajumpers is an extremely innovative outerwear collection with highly technological components designed to be functional.

-Made of hard wearing nylon (100% nylon shell with removable down padded lining)

-Multi cargo pockets designed to carry accessories such as iPod, Mobile Phones etc.

-Teflon fabric protection treatment replies water.

-90/10 down lining offering maximum protection from really cold weather.

-Strong contrast in colors and details make this coat unique.

-The functionality and design of Parajumpers distinguishes it from ordinary to extraordinary- perfect- for the extreme Canadian winter weather.



So let’s give Santa a break this year, BE NAUGHTY… Shop Parajumpers at Denim Industries today. 


Denim Industries Inc.

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Baby it is cold outside! Like it or not the winter season is upon us, there is a nippy chill in the air and not to mention the shorter daylight hours that can make it unbearable.  It’s hard to fight the nagging impulse to slip into a warm pair of pj’s and hibernate for the rest of the season.  But unfortunately many of us do not have the luxury of doing so.  It is also during the winter season many of us fall victim to wearing the same neutral palate; it is a sea of boring out there in the malls, black, black and more black with the occasional pop of grey or beige. BORING

A way to lift spirits is to try a fashion forward look like patterned denim. This fashion statement is bound to turn heads with intricate patterns like baroque and jacquard denim. Some may find patterned denim overwhelming and intimidating but it is surprisingly very wearable. If in doubt, try a basic solid color top with a blazer or a little leather jacket and VOILA!  Heads will be turning in no time.

Many of the brands carried by Denim Industries feature a variety of denim; ranging from bold to subtle pattern choices.  A favorite from 7 for all Mankind is the skinny in black chevron and from Paige the Verdugo Ultra skinny/Art Noveau just in time for holiday!


So don’t be a bore and have fun with your style this holiday season… It will definitely put some spring in your step!




Denim Industries Inc.

Maple – 2810 Major Mackenzie Drive, (Jane & Major Mackenzie) 905.417.1877

Thornhill – 9360 Bathurst Street (Bathurst & Rutherford)            289.468.1100



Tips before washing:

-wear Nudie jeans for at least six months but no longer than 12 months without washing (since the crotch area is prone to tearing).

-Do not alter the length in anyway before washing- the raw denim will shrink

-separate Nudie/Raw denim from other articles of laundry the dye will bleed, discoloring everything.

– The temperature of the water should be cold. This is key to avoid shrinkage and dye loss.

-Do not for any circumstances place Nudie jeans in the dryer, it will destroy the fit and quality of the denim.

– Also do not place the Nudie denim on any type of heating element to speed the drying process.

Nudie / Raw denim enthusiast’s preserve their denim by following this procedure

-Ideally, wash Nudie’s in a bathtub, inside-out without crinkling and lye them flat inside the water.

-use mild detergent made especially made for dark dye retention e.g. Zero or Woolite.

-Let the denim soak for at least 10 minuets

-Empty soapy water, fill bathtub again with cold water and rinse.

-Press out excess water without crumpling

-hang to dry.


Long live your Nudie jeans & may they always be as original as you!




Denim Industries Inc.

Maple – 2810 Major Mackenzie Drive, (Jane & Major Mackenzie) 905.417.1877

Thornhill – 9360 Bathurst Street (Bathurst & Rutherford) 289.468.1100


G-star has always had a strong Men’s wear collection. It’s polished “tough” denim look has been a favorite since 1989, when G-Star was created. Its philosophy being “just the product”, worked Very well in the Men’s category but the women’s denim collection was dare I say, “Too tough”.

It was a hard sell in the beginning stages it simply was not preforming like the other denim labels. Women still gravitated toward the Seven, J-brand type styles.

However, until recently G-Stars women’s denim category has gained momentum and has even become a “go to” denim for a sophisticated slim denim pant.

 It’s innovation in fabrics is the key to G-Stars success in the women’s denim category. The denim’s 2013 Fall/Winter collection’s “ultimate” stretch fabric is without a doubt extremely comfortable and best of all doesn’t lose its shape having a high recovery.

The waistband is also executed in this “ultimate stretch fabric” to ensure it fits perfectly to the female silhouette guaranteeing the ultimate fit.

            The 2013 Women’s denim collection has evolved considerably since its creation; now delivering a chic day to night denim. G-Star has successfully cast away the image in the women’s denim category of being “too tough” or “Boyish” into a sexy, cool, feminine denim brand




Denim Industries Inc.

Maple – 2810 Major Mackenzie Drive, (Jane & Major Mackenzie)   905.417.1877

Thornhill – 9360 Bathurst Street (Bathurst & Rutherford)     289.468.1100